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and many physicians have reported favorable results.
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The editors of this year book have produced what ought to
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the Second Examination and the Third or Final Examination each being partly
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ous permanent functional effects and which are oper
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but unusual attention has been directed to it of late and
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two in regard to the methods of their preparation may
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sidered vital have been removed by accident or design
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preservation. It is extraordinary how much easier it is to remove
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gressed. The parts then present a picture of marked
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present the X ray revealing restricted movement of the
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be rolled over a mass about as thick as the forefinger
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natural and probable result of the accident. Nor does it deem
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Medical Association. A list of these societies will be sent on
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pleasant duties devolving on the obstetric teacher is to
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does it consider that the right to make this objection to the
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Part of a residuary estate of the late Mrs. Sophia E. Chaill
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the published transactions in part or in whole any paper that may
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extent of exudate or by constitutional symptoms 2000
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substances that have failed of elimination through the
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minal root should be liberated from the attachments to
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his own preference in the way of household remedies. His
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the right side occurred and still later the speech became
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mighty dollar will lessen and men will be gauged by the good
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fundus suspended from the abdominal wall. If it is impossible
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tumor by twisting snaring or by morcellation according to its
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fants. Finkelstein announces that in certain pathologic cases
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purpose of building a hospital for Japanese subjects on the
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to establish a health resort in the pine forests of the mountains
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of extensive research Lombroso announces his conviction that
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there occur a number of interesting reports of cases of
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to increase metabolism and carry off waste products. Certain

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