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on opening showed signs of inflammation. The coupler was
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real remedy is a wooden goggle made somewhat after the plan
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of these organisms the peculiar devebpment of the bacteriae is
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ant cellular hyperplasia. Deforming arthritis always
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and the tumors were microscopic in size it seems not un
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of Registration by the General Medical Council at least four years or during
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From 2 to 3 pints were injected underneath the breasts be
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first signs of heart failure appear. He employs alcoholics in
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and.9 per cent of chloroform and 100 of ether to 75
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as chief surgeon Department of Texas to San Francisco Cal. and
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To the Editor. I would like to ascertain what the requirements
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most suitable medium in which pathogenic germs could
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on him a brand like that of Cain which can never be eflfaced.
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antipneumotoxin and in three hours his temperature fell 214
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again to normal cheerfulness then to excitement and the
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muscles are strengthened and the viscera replaced. In
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The liver was enlarged. The child was seized with a
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relations unjust dislikes unfounded apprehensions of some
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seems here to be under control and confined to one mem
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point of the needle and rendered moderately tense so as to exert a
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this report was published lesions of this character had
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the teeth have been extracted. I have never seen the
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most important to operate before union to the bones has
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cipals and the other sent to my address. The cards of
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bacilli were found scattered throughout the whole liver tissue.
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the face escaping. T am inclined to regard it as a form of
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omy may be obviated. In the development of the child
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is wanting. Quinin is a specific disinfectant for amebic
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In stenosis of the Eustachian tube not due to adhe
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and the finer movements of the hand are impossible.
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walk perfectly well on level ground but there was a sensation
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difficulty in procuring a proper urinal I endeavored to divert
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possessions by KSurgeons hereby incorporated shall and may exercise and enjoy all and
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ers by publishing as original matter articles that have
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compression is also a rapid cure for insect bites as mentioned
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liarly tenacious mucus is secreted leading to coagulation and
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trolled ly a patenty copyrifjld or trade marh etc. which was re
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ment of the lobule or is in places wanting. At the apex
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general pneumococcus septicemia in a child and others of

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