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probable with tuberculosis and alcoholism than in case of
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Full doses of alkalies to be given at height of digestion.
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ferred to is a meat solution in whicli baccilli from the blood of
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in the shape of a small excresence or core on the surface.
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and free from any peculiarities of mind or body. The
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eties of sputum the writer has found a that the pres
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and illustrates a case and calls attention to the value of the use
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jected the published statistics to a critical analysis as an
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the students of the College of Physicians and Surgeons re
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the number of cells. The cells however were healthy which pre
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rather than be derived from therapeutic uses or effects. A
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that hysteric subjects and neurasthenics commonly have lim
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praeticabilitj of such a law seems self evident and it appears
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lief. One thousands units of antitoxin were adminis
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ployment which will enable the not too far gone con
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not great and the outlook for the child is better since the
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heart the fibrous tissues of the valves may and gener
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time gently spreading the collars apart while an assist
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cases of impotence urinary retention respiratory neurosis
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old adhesions such as may result from former perimetritis.
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in healthy mucus no disturbance of functions follows.
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results reported by Dr. Stubbert are certainly encourag
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operate on an arm which resists reduction by ordinary
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being particularly liable to irritation frequently becomes
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i. e. too closely simulate the name of any natural substance
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with 56 prompt recoveries 1 slow one and.3 deaths. The drug
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he was killed but it may be granted from the histologic
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single rows of cells are seen radiating and infiltrating
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ated. The axones are distinctly swollen in a number of
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flexure when this becomes necessary with the ordinary
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of antistreptococcic serum injected into the subc itaneous tis
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smegma bacilli were derived from every available source
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der tuberculosis would probabl y have ensued if the
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symptoms detailed. It must also be borne in mind that
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a dependence on the nervous system are convincing. Leredde
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of eclampsia. The daily quantity of urea should be about 500
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step by step until the fundus is reached with stout
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from the body. This is well illustrated in the intestine
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patient s mind as to prompt his early recourse to a phys
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condition is obtained from encouraging th use of a wheel
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of the Army and Navy and the Marine Hospital Service of the
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and well guarded against. If the fancied danger from leprosy

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