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he began to be seized with attacks of dizziness which

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adopt it practically and issue your Annual Announce

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The dainL as distinctly stated by us can be found on

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buildings in connexion with and under the same general

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united well. Thirteen days later I cut the pedicle and

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and ability of the part exercised. For carrying out

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to act at the same time upon the ulceration of the mouth

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This species is widely distributed in the Tropics and is

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yet journeying and not sick spread cholera by means ot

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ant upon premature ossification of the craninl sutures

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Streptothrix inadunv. This organism is the cause of

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nitrate of silver and astringents with satisfactory

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ered. On slicing open the brain the entire right hemi

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laws of health and in the vicinity of an abundance of

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The males are recognised by their small size and by

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case of a man who had come under his observation and

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the segment into a common vas deferens this terminates

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death. Greater omentum slightly adherent to small in

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ments are the only conditions to which physical explo

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far as possible from cases of erysipelas etc. which un

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and sterling common sense. The work is got up in the

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period of fifteen years. The character of the complaint

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and fatigued but breathing freely and soon falling into

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medicine rather than of mental philosophy. He stated

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are pursued. The main advantage of the stain is that

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ways on trust antU the patient gets better conditions

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served that there was no line of demarcation and its

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duty to announce to this Society the death of two of its

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Succeas is generally in the ratio of our eflforts to se

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mentioned may very naturally give rise to the idea of

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operation is now finished. The piece remains supple

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ders us cautious about accepting his statistics the oper

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recovered from the effects of the anaesthetic. We had

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the use of the catheter the air being again absorbed

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to the boiling point. If small pieces of tissue are used

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nected withtne second phalanx of the fifth toe but the

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never so respectable and honorable men avails nothing

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