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fact that the T. R. was not uniform in character and
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that condition but keeps the patient under close observation
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to get knowledge as far as possible by direct object study.
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of rheumatism. Incidentally the speaker said tliat anybody
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the same advantages of these new methods the earlier
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ganglion do not appear to be diminished in number the size
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canal is always in the long axis of the trunk. In the
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attend. These men have however the right to carry on private
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object for examination. The first scientific contribution
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ing the rigidly catheterized ureter under touch all the time
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ing used in the manner directed the ease is probably due
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New South Wales the number of deaths from diphtheria
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acquiring a practical familiarity with the details of Mechanical Dentistry under the
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Relation to Manual Operations for Correction of Mal
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ophthalmicus and N. maxillaris though not to so marked a
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That not more than one fourth of the Council shall consist of
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found but these are thought to take no essential part in
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ately swollen but the greater number of nerve fibers are
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does not however remain limited to this space but very soon
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remained latent in the young wife and becoming exceptionally
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priority proposed and carried out the implantation of
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from its contents. These as Langley has lately shown
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as to the relationship between the coronary disease and
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guild. Other things being equal the fullest measure of pro
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of the drug on the heart and only when depressing manifesta
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the infiltration sometimes amounts to an actual inflamma

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