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permitting him to extend his researches further. Having mi-

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to write interestingly and instructively on any sub-

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first dose and the do.ses were increased by 5,000,000

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to it, and, for the sake of brevity, I will give a sketch of a few of

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primary foci easily accessible to surgical interfer-

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which had been applied for this purpose. By these endeavours,

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one after another, all within the following twenty-

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acheter terramycine

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necessary to cocainize the eye and use lid elevators

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Be it /?r.fo/i'(-rf. That the Medical Society of the County

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terramycine fiyati

sionally discover some traces of such affections. How still more

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wholly useless ; likewise, powdered squill, quassia,

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velopment at one stage of distinct cerebellar symp-

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O. M. ALLABEN, M. D., Margaretville, Delaware County.

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but left so that the excess of cerebrospinal fluid can

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organi7ation of the military surgical training school

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entire breast. This ailment always occurs at the period of pu-

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and genius of the surgeons of that time ; it is the

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writer is pleased to call the large "secondary tract,"

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cases of influenza. It is characterized clinically by

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He is at present on a full diet, has one bowel move-

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the interior or on the surface of organized bodies, may grow by

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were late in getting to hospitals and overseas. Hos-

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tendency, and this can come from anybody. Paralytics, drunk-

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neurotic parents, difficult to discipline, was referred

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great steel corporation, is enthusiastically in favor

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exhibiting a gradual transition from the mucous to the serous,

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January 16, 1919J emphasizes the fact that, in acute

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