Suprax Alternative

Benign tumors of the uterus and ovaries are sometimes associated with an
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lier\e». As will )m' 1 Nphiilli'd later ; p.iu'e 'JIT', impulses eonveved
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* The ingenious claims of Hertoghe (Die Rolle der Schilddruse hei StiUsiand . . .
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cially in the later stages of the disease. In the writer's patients most of the
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11'-. .Vrriinu'.in. lit of :ipp:ir:it iis f.,r p.'rfii-i..ii of tli,. m-^-.Is ,.i ;, l.niinl.'~s fr..;; 71.'
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the view that these cases are manifestations of arthritis deformans in child-
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this learned Society, leaving every one to form his
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solid foods are to be taken, and idcohol, strong condiments, and irritating
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of the tissues will proirprssively lair behind that of the blood, and t! ■
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The intense asthenia following prolonged infection, such as typhoid
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that mediate the sensations of the skin. When tliese receptors are
suprax alternative
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Etiology. — ^The disease is rare. I have seen only one case in private
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tieiileil is kiKiwii as "salted lilciitd." and tlie plasma separated liy ceiilii


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