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of a heart-lesion and some feebleness, operation at that
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parasites. Even in these cases, therefore, we find, after the course
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country, town, or city, most congenial to your nature, that
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eight hours, and it disappears sooner than iron, because no
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common in Europeans than in negroes or East Indians, though it is
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terrupted suture ; and the vertical incisions treated in a simi-
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differentiation is not a matter of great importance. It is impossible
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causes of the derangement, or the means of aggravating the indigestion.
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very old people. I speak, here, only of cases in which
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important relation to the glycogenic function of the liver. There
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the inflammation, as we have observed above, par. 1382.
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uretics. Thus for the horse the following : Recipe : Pharmaceu-
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therapeutic integrity of the drugs preserved, can be
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y. That each member of this Society pledge himself or herself, in case
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delicate inn-sons, and in those cases where the pneumonic
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attack is, therefore, very greatly increased. In other words, this case corre-
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congenital spastic cases, six in number, though an inves-
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ascribe the increasing preponderance of the malady, not only
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The annual meeting of the British Association for the
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and, lastly, a discharge from the bowels of a quantity of white
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the anus, unnoticed by the sick; and death soon relieves the sufferer
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posite, arrived from. Europe, and superseded the former. The
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and four grains of it in a cup of hot coffee should be
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exciting as much or as little irritation as the other
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Fig. 11.— Laryngeal diphtheria; intubation; recovery. Celia G., aged four years and six mouths; ad-
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most efficacious system of practice, and thus enable the physician to lay
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they play a pleasing role. In Migrane, the of the exercise in schools and colleges are
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towel should be placed upon the chair upon which the
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Occasionally the patient is attacked by a succession of rigors,
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respiratory diseases ; it certainly merits the fullest atten-
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rapid growth of tumors, has usually been attributed to the watery con-
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not well serve as a basis of a positive diagnosis. The diagnosis of cirrhosis
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blood vessels doubtless act as predisposing Th. Escherish, Deut. med. Woch.

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