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Canal" [Am. Jnl. Obst., 1908) ; etc. Dr. McLean was also the first
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as to the efficacy or non-efficacy of any system of treatment
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cutaneous sensations. Being at a loss to account for these
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" Beproduetion of the Entire Patella After Necrosis and Eemoval by Opera-
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good. Much of his success can be attributed to his extreme
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" This paper . . . seems to have been published only to com-
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by the slightest contact, and in a far greater degree at the
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ten years spent in "general practice" he specialized in Orthopedic
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of the city, where he followed the general practice of medi-
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have studied them with the veil removed from our eyes, which
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symptoms are hardly ev^er connected with haemorrhage;
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Dr. F. H. Kerebs, chairman, presented the following papers
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a very great extent, but in many cases wholly cured, by the oper-
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The paper of Dr. Bellows proved very interesting; and, as Dr.


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