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there is such an increase in the numbers of these acidophile
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into the blood stream it tends to spasmic contraction of
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subjects are particularlj bad ones for gas. Very fleshy in
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functions. 7. What kind of blood is found in the a pulmonary
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alsograyrami consisting of non modullated nerve fibers
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Cesarean operation. Impacted fibroid requires early hysterec
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local irritation and disturbance of digestion. Internal fistula
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Let us turn a moment now to consider the results in
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another writes Tbe certificate is an elegant one and I shall
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Several cases of partial aneurysm of the heart occurred
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losis. And some day we shall wonder why we were so long
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anemia etc. and the secondary resulting from nutritive dis
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tion against operating in cases in which the hernia can be
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ney appeared normal and the anastomosis between the bladder
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Tuberculosis of the larynx is almost invariably secondary to
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dence. He gives a new definition of consumption It is a
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roidal and retinal inflammations may occur without es
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will enable the physician to put the patient under the best
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The residuary estate of Frederick Muehlig who died in this
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itself a cause of death even of sudden death and it often
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they have taken into consideration the propriety of re arranging
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passive congestions of infectious diseases. He explains its ac
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Demonstrations of Casts Illustrating the Anatomy of Pregnancy and
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Many more reasons might be urged in support of our contention
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patient. Repeated examinations of the urine were made and
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prises occur. The scheme of all the existing conditions
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the conjunctival reflex. If the eye does not rotate by expos
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Surgeons for the said College. And also that the said Charles Hawkins
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diseases per hundred thousand varied between 21.2 in
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same plan by Noyes in Rochester N. Y. celebrated as the
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toms referable to the pelvis and the patient be utterly un
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sions our sheet anchor is digitalis. Strophanthus is next in
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The anesthetizer has a difficult task to keep the pa
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of smegma bacilli were obtained. Various other media
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are forced into competition with the non graduates but li
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Dr. T. Leidy RnoDES of Boystown has been appointed a
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In examing uterine scrapings I have noted that while
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may possibly be of some service but otherwise it is never
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used the anesthesia was like natural sleep while in the case
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the cloth. Washing of the fabric in water containing a
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anesthesia which he has followed as a routine practice with
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county who happened to be a physician should employ him
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decision as to the histogenesis of melanosarcoma is not easy
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necrosis swollen glands laryngeal stenosis receive 3000
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been present profound hypesthesia if not complete an
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sition form between chronic parenchymatous nephritis and
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This patient about 60 years of age is brought before
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turing of the mvicosa of it have both been recommended.
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and soluble in cold water the solution being neutral in
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College shall be eligible to sit in the Council until he have
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the bowel through all the coats and then through the
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ter and amount of the gastric contents and the number and
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ing March 21 and 744 in Calcutta. The disease has also
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visit to one of them. We pass the throng in the narrow
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instituted and the ulcer began to heal rapidly thus
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cable to some diseases many more do not fulfill all the
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