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in. General medicine overlaps specialism sufl amp ciently

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for the paucity of standard works among us the small

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retrospective glance and to afford us an opportunity for

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administer it to the well children as a prophylactic dur

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the centre of the parasite is present and occasionally

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a European on the average is about 130 grammes per diem.

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intense pain in the abdomen with frequent desire to

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tains that whenever any circumstance shortens the rel

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murder of any infant child or of any pregnant woman

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troduced are the larvae of Agrionidce one of the groups of

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roughened and forthermore the basilar process of the

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strength more firequently than it succeeds to gonorrhoBa

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eased condition manifest by occasional flashes of pain

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extracted without difficulty. After the operation the

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and in the position of the ocular hair which is situated

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of Medicine testified by the attendance of their respec

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the ala of the nose upon that side upon which the fis

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It was more probably caused by the action of the poi

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As in all these cases the integuments are more retracted

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a surgical disease of the most distressing character

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the table Ihr. Hanrilton having previously directed uiat

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It seems to be a common impression even among those

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floor. One remedy after another was resorted to until

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rence howevw which is said to be infirequent I have

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serves but to establish ihe rule. The number of really

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further than thi the book is seemingly written more to

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said that owing to the lateness of the hour he should

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organs. Post mortem examination of fatal cases shows

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adventitious band seemed to contain in its centre a

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nity for years is valuable as giving a fixed standing

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in birds. The intermediate hosts are unknown and much

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TmiTEivTH Registration Report OF Rhode Island. 1865.

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The autopsy was made twenty four hours after death.

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Gould firom statistics derived ifrom the register of two

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