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gested, and we would earnestly hope the impositions, most justly com-
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means of cure, nor neglect the reciprocal action of the mind
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■ " Congestion." This term, (and its correlatives) which has become
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sight is to be lost it is by far the wisest course to
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10th. That the rectum in that abnormal state which results from
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glory enough to devote the remainder of his life to developing " a
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of the latter gentleman, and a specimen previously described by him :
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The fourth part was directed to be taken directly by an adult,
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ft. Podophyllin, gr. ss.; sach. alb. pulv., 3ij. M. Divide into 24 to 32 pow-
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tory nervous action — if they cannot date back of 1850, they certainly
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When the part to be operated upon is inflamed, or the circulation
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be denominated fibrous, fibro-cartilaginous, &c., and such as
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culties of transfer, and to supply the deeply-experienced want. The
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inches, doubled at each extremity upon itself and flattened a little
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It should be resumed every six or eight days. — [Rev. Thcrap., and Ibid.
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the orifice, and if the patient strains down it can be effectually
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nurse expressed it " like labor pains" — the protrusion from
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(s) Address on Surgery, Dr. John B. Murphy, Chicago, 111.
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searching at some future time for the end of the intestine. It is
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present system of professional teaching, he suggests practical modifi-
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No. 27. Painful and Scanty Menstruation. — When this patient
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dragon, whose poisonous breath blasts the physical and
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ous or protein compounds into fat, that " it must always be
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it is admitted that early rising is one of the main conditions for
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ning or hydrocyanic acid : ir loses its power of coagulation, and cannot be


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