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more or less of pain from time to time suifered from re
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in this progressive increase. As careful observation con
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ganate 11 2 per cent. ten seconds. A brown flocculent
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the best means of rapid diagnosis of rabies at our disposal.
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of age four teaspoonfuls. Each teaspoonful contains half a
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Baltimore City Passenger Railway Company vs. Tanner that
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her foot and her surprise when she could not bend the
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nervous organism is the result of opium taking early
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to this writing which covers a period of months no re
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tors so far have failed to separate it in such manner that
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Analysis of 114 Consecutive Unselected Abdominal Sections with
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which are promptly stopped by the elimination of the
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A MEETING of the Illinois State Board of Health was held
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tention to the relations between the pathologist and surgeon.
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Regulations and Synopses relating to the several Examinations of
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cotics is not overcome by dosage. The physiologic ac
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ternal use absorbents antiseptics astringents deodorants
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small blood vessels in the ganglion are dilated there is no
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ton Iowa State University Walter L. Bierring Iowa City
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ment in metabolism and thev suggest that lime is re
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sented a specimen of cyst of the inguinal region the diag
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a peculiar one of some medicolegal importance and unique in
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but they are not insuperable and ought only to stimulate
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the patient and this alteration may therefore occur in
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among others patients who are subject to urticaria or in
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limited by adhesions at some distance from the perforation.
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attempt to lower the acquired academical status of the Fellow
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to fit a pessary this operation should be resorted to otherwise
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Under the twenty foot line are these words This line
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be sacrificed. Here the responsibility is most serious. In the
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nor optic neuritis. As he walks across the floor he
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rebral spinal and sympathetic nerves specially illustrated by the anatomy
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An interesting peculiarity is the apparent efl wt of elevation
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forms are to be numbered among the rarer manifesta
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only two became tuberculous. The collective investiga
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a finger an acute glanders associated with a mixed pyo
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Chinese medicine which he obtained from Dr. Wong Wo.
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working. Physiologists tell us that special reproduc
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etiologic causes found active in the production of alo
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red globules and hemoglobin marked eosinophilia no leucocy
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from such medication. Opium should not be given to control
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The following table shows the result of a careful ex
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be limited to institutions and that the patients should be
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Association had its annual meeting with music and a
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the laacillus is at one time a long rod of slender appear
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arm interfered in no way with the rapid repair of these
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water. The course is from three to four weeks and frequently
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there will be those who prey on their credulity for money. Any
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nucleus as it were by self fertilization. By means of
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symptoms. The treatment of internal fistula would be much
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men ovale is sometimes very annoying but ordinarily may be
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Operative Treatment of Neuralgia of the Trigeminus.
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an angina in which the scarlet fever germ predominated
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true that certain of the Junior Examinerships have lately and
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accepted and the next Meeting of the Council to confirm this vote.
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to the left. When the patient sits erect there is marked
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the lack of startings at night and the less wasting of the
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In October the patient was able to go out of doors and
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healing the presence or absence of which marks the true physi
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College of Physicians of Philadelphia. Transactions Centennial Volume.

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