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the nature of the coloring matter of the characteristic urine were frequent, some con-

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tumor tissue taking (to a greater or less extent) the place of the lung

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a saline generally answers admirably. Severe purging is unnecessary,

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lumen of the pulmonary artery is decreased. The accidental murmurs

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Totil deficiency from Sept. 1. 1S97, to date, 10 29 inches.

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to the vaccines made in this way. Hence, a method for "typing"

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the left ventricle predominates over hyix^rtrophy, yet they may be more

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terra of pregnan.cy. At present it seems fair to assume that

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It is an organism apparently quite tenacious of life.

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leukocytes, 4800; with a differential count of pol^^norphonuclears,

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of an effusion, while, if p?-operly conducted, it is

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careful observer, who examined it microscopicallv, so

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confined by the corks, and the spiral was carefully connected

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Berwick walked away from this epiphany with an idea for

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easily reduced, with characteristic gurgling, even when

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occurring in his practice— two complete and two incom-

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future cortical irritation. That diagnosis which is suf-

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by a parasite (strongylus micruris) , the eggs of which are swal-

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believe, furnish an odor in no way different from an

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creased. Traver saw the child when it was eleven months old

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useful in gravel, obesity, and some forms of gastritis, are

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1886. Watson, Edward W., M.D., Physician to the Magdalene

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At first, caustics of various kinds were used, including the actual

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in 45 cases of pulmonary tuberculosis as well as in pneumonia and

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trace of the trichophyton, but search for other micro-organisms does not

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ity of medical service was condemned by all doctors who

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But matters were by no means so easily cut and dried

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Germany during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries an affection

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death filled with clots. The blood vomited is dark or grumous from the

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and albuminuria all follow influenza, and this latter sug-


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