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During the year the provincial bacteriologist Dr. Gordon

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ined under the microscope simulate wax to an extraordi

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making distilled water became a fixed one with me but

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physiologic and surgical points of view. The patient was a

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twenty one years of age a Certificate of instruction and proficiency in the

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involvement of the lateral columns of the cord whether

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rarely justified in making one on one symptom alone. This is

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opened April 2. The institution was established by charitable

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means and range of the thermometer at Asheville we insert a copy

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ance with previous statements attempts were made to in

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tense inflammation 4 concretion and 5 suppuration within

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department of health and health officers in the state.

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known and they are not exploited as therapeutic agents.

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salines and cold continuously with ten minutes intermission

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recently. He was graduated from the Bellovuo Hospital Med

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charit and sent the proceeds 2000 hack to California to

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arteries about the foramen ovale may be much more annoying.

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my reasons see a paper by Dr. Spiller and myself in the

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desire to go to the mountains for rest and pleasure. The

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nate as the serum failed to show any protective action

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tient becomes perfectly free from pain. Two of these stones.

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Dr. Egbert H. G andin spoke of his personal experience

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The mayor has approved the city ordinance appointing a

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Dr. Charles B. White of New Orleans died on Sunday ihe

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The irremediable dimness of vision I considered due to

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notable reduction in the number of its victims Are we

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the superior petrosal sinus had been destroyed by the

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upon honor the honor of the individual practitioner and his

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from heart disease 9 from bronchitis and 12 from old age in

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and By Laws of the Association are included but not the list of

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the escaping urine could be more effectually caught in a

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complished by working with the blunt dissector in the

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Supplemental Charter I am directed by the Lords of the Council

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does not deny that Trinity s cause is a righteous one but

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The woman is small but the child when born weighed 2yj or

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redncible dislocations of the shoulder because of the

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Address of Welcome. Joseph Taber Johnson Washington D C

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ter as may be determined in May or June. 3. Members of

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tric arrangement of nuclei seen in certain parts of the

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bers of Bowie s Leaves of Healing. 1 looked these over with

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temporalis after blunt dissection of the periosteum from the

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Illinois State Medical Society Springfield 111. May 15 17.

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that have been treated by tuberculin preparations can not

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markable strides. We have now living no greater think

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neys are and finally those where an intestinal factor is

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motioned looked at every one and all approaches with

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cavity was formed by the outer surface of the cecum in

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subject and gently criticizes Loeb s rather premature

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ation he describes in detail which commenced with the rash

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of the thorax three ribs are only partially developed and as a

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ditions arising from extraneous or other causes may closely

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that of lumpy jaw in cattle and the secretary. Dr. Bryce

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Dr. D. Bryson Delavan in discussing the mechanical and

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Harvard College. Annual Report of the Curator of the Museum of Comparative

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maxillary endothelioma by Dr. Abbe and of a later re

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The other case was a fibroid growth of the tonsil in a woman

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sults are by no means so certain. The narrow tube should be

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to pass the Examinations hereinafter set forth. See Section IL

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benefit from the use of a gargle consisting of carbolic acid and

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experiments detailed below were performed in the Government

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also means of advancing knowledge of the subjects with

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traction of other muscles and consequent concomitaney. Also

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or more bullaj on the surface and only in after life

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b.v Woodruff. He says that in the first place we should know

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ing of the American Medical Association. The ao t annual

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unguarded act of one of my good friends who is a sur

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found the black balls of myelin described in the other

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For Mai ch the Health Department reported 159 deaths.

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syphilitic infant may cause confusion for a time but

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brush obliterate all those old landmarks which had become

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teaspoonful. given twice daily before food in beer or aerated

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a cure for chronic constipation. The patient should be

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TnE Y ear Book of the Nose Throat and Ear. Edited by

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fiscal year two hundred were still on the rolls. Experi

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