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mucous polypus which caused constant vomiting. It was re

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operations were successful except that for fracture of the jaw

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anatomic alteration could be discovered specific for the Base

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that prompts them to change the seats of the deaf and

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ice at the meeting of the Association of Military Surgons of the

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amount of the constituent elements. Granular and hya

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registration of a name for the article as a trademark or through

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the purgative principle but this has been questioned

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cyst involving all three occipital convolutions toward

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and pass through it in the lymph spaces or by perforation.

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cartilage contained an excess of lime salts. The deposi

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the filter and uric acid crystals in a desiccator and

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the heart wall to chronic changes in the coronary arter

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if the subject is used to that method and equally un

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International Medical Annual and Practitioner s Index

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stance of delayed resolution he had known was thirteen weeks.

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pressure with the intioduction of autoclaves into laboratories.

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have never yet been overcrowded although the actual ac

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adults attacked with malignant diphtheria the largest

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The secretary of the Illinois State Medical Society has sent

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Chinese medicine which he obtained from Dr. Wong Wo.

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workshop in the street ear or wherever his calling may

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came filled with the germs. Previous to the engulfing of

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PRESENTS SHALL COME GREETING Whereas the Body Politic and Corporate Hecital

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Beitrakge zur Malakia Frage. By Carl Schwalbe M D. Heft

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Colonel J. Lewis Good chief of the Bureau of Health is

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sions as to their existence. He points out the possible falla

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using the drug as a urinary antiseptic is that the urine should

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of the ovarian region J. G. Clark cites three eases at

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To an unbiased observer it must be apparent that if

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stall have demonstrated their ability to meet every medical

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the earlier methods of investigation but it would ap

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that the avenue of infection is usually through the in

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to the abdomen wet sheet pack and cold sitz bath are

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the sick among the great mass of Indians there is a certain

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che fingers while the thumb fares better than its neigh

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tumors the teratomas of the present classification. 2.

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and Mr. Holmes and was only defeated by a personal canvass

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he were alive. This would prevent bodies being put on ice

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ination. No further microscopic or bacteriologic exam

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starting point or neglecting to have it countersigned on June

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The company also had the right to inform its soliciting agent

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ly in the intensity of the different complications but

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Heidelberg and Dr. Ernst liObstein visited this city last week

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forceps. Xotwithstanding this I consider such a procedure in

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grenous the watery portion of the blood accumulates

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