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legs, and is well called the poetry of motion. It is

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many of these cases the hot water gives relief, to a

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of Ettrick and Yarrow about twenty miles ; south in Ale Water

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I confess, I have never heard of. I must, therefore,

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In 10 cases, it was adherent on or towards the back

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the years of my studies, to this pararloxical {)henomenon, and as I

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fourth year of study, after the registration of the can-

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present, we can do no more than recommend it in general terms,

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condition. Let this be the plain and simple test. If

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gastric and circumflex ilii arteries. Several surgeons

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denial either of the existence of their wrongs, or of

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assured of an absolute necessity and a satisfactory

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Beck, " On Puerperal Fever"; Mr. I. Baker Brown, " Kew

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for the press his little volume, ' Olor Iscanus, the

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top of the sternum was protruded forwards, and a powerful

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around to trouble him ia no kind of way ; and I have

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cough ; he (Dr. Salter) found it the most potent of

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But it was not until after I had received instruction

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Joint- Disease"; Dr. Brunton. " On the Treatment of Tape-

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stinence from food and drink, the patient lived on.

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of sweat, collected from a diabetic patient, contained

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the ink spreading, and never washes out. Initials, Is. each;

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of Edinburgh, and the liberties thereof. 'Tis a bar-

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his works everywhere manifest that he was gifted with

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useless ; partly from their practical value being im-

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tions, should authenticate them with their names — of course, not

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tion whom Mr. Leo has, appr 'ently, had an oijportu-

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sagacious, and practical opinions. This treatise is continued

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blades of the forceps, and with cautious touches of the scal-


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