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hypogastric region with pounded ice and allowed the

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he first came to us J an. 15. 1867 he could hwrdly raise

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and fundus generally assume a splierical shape and fre

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dred of them were put under a prophylactic regimen of

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a more delicate structure and contract after the manner

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contact with the base of the skull within the cervical

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Lazare 7 217 reclaimed as minors by thenr fiunilies gt

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them and the properties of the articles physical and

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that the fluid was immediately beneath the abdominal

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recantation he woulA be restored to former privileges.

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well as the other viscera and causes passive dilatation

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cases which indicates disturbance in the venous system.

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Ovaries being free of disease with good systemic blood

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in Douglass space. In applying the bandage the laxity

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those who are in too great a hurry to do this it does

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hands for medical treatment. On working up his case

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and opposes the mortification of the skin. Often the

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canal incising the periosteum about four inches the

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slits in the strip opposite the knee to pass the fingers

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keeps It in a state of moisture which is more favorable

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of the iliac region. The tumor projects towards th

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so efficacious may be perfectly willing to inhale the

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common by a number of men belonging to one set. The

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the weight of tnis our original pattern which is only

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tion continued on through the pleura costalis intercostal

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on one side and fixed Uie strap being applied to patella

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there by a strip of adhesive plaster firmly applied in a

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proper nourishment Bony union results firom perfect

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Dr. El R. Storer moved the acceptance of the report

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The President according to the action of the Society

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ence throughout its substance of structure exactly sim


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