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myiasis refers not only to the skin but includes cases of
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outline and having a dark color. In its abnormal con
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nitrate of silver. I have never found this necessary in
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Indians 26. Women attain a high longevity in greater
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namely to introduce the needle far from the incised
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syphon are often guarded by mobile flaps and hairs and
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tleman of feeble constitution who about half an hour
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usual way by the saw and gouge the attendant hsemor
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shake the mixture then add enough of the constituent
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Ttginal fistula by the method called that of glisae
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laceration of the areolar tissue in the performance of the
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matter of some practical importance. If an attempt be
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angle. The angle most generally serviceable is one of
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symphysis pubis so as to draw the neck of the bladder as
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residue of the crescent is a small protoplasmic mass con
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absence of muscular twitching on feeling the pulse. His


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