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There is no advantage in losing blood unless the patient

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human suffering which it is most probably destined to

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those able to lire without work died from amp ktty de

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holding the syringe horizontally very little suction is

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epiphyseal separations an argument which by the by

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treatment of bumo. It is one of the very best applica

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International Congress at Paris. The full particulars of

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birth of the first In 212 instances recorded by Dr.

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Bcriptive Anatomy and Practical Dissections. Physio

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was not able to get up from her bed till nearly all the

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This infant was bom at full term and as far as I know

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into the oesophagus resulting from adhesions of the

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Resolved That the thanks of the Society are tendered to

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scaled veins particularly the cross veins are difficult to

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are modified to form a tubular suctorial apparatus this

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thalmic sur ry are imperative. I have selected those

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one part of a thick syrup of pure dextrin spread on a slide

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anaemia and impaired nutrition is oflen the result of a

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That its complications are numerous and most of them

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ed the usefulness and attendance of the Association

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they closely resemble each other in their appearance but

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tomical pursuits that before three years of his appren.

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been issued within the past few years comparable with

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iBttle diversion upon the subject of specialties. This

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should then be made laterally alternately to the one

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The claim of simplicity of the apparatus is not to our

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It is most common about the age of fifty. Of 163 cases

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well as tension of the pulse became normal did I feel

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recorded so that a thief wherever he goes may be at

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least injudicious. Adhesions of the pupillary margin are

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water or a thick dirty deposit will be left. Counter stain

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allow the base of the tongue to remain in a more na

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