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there was an oozing of blood from the cut sur amp ces.

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adherent to the outer surface of the altered crescent.

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the caustic. This according to M. Bourgade is accom

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Now and then we meet with what is called the recur

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a little dark clotted blood evidently a part of the clot

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press will be led to adopt views more consonant with

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condition of ptdse was that of impending collapse. He

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thus reaches the mouth of the vagina which corresponds

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less the same is necessary to preserve her life shall if

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cathartic sometimes asafoetida is of great assistance

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should naturally take place from the umbilical vein and

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in this countiy though frequent in many other parts of

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fissure to within three or four lines of the free margin

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and the pneumonia and his third which would make of

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larvae have three pairs of legs whether they are like

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the parties concerned that one of these must be of the

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clamored for an operation and her request was acceded

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of ciliated epithelium with their sleepless vibrations

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similar work in advance of his to which he replied

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when cut into with firm hara whitish walls. Soirrhus

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Ticks as Carriers of Disease. Ticks are known to be

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be eat ont and how to do this without offending those

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in his bed and was willing to acknowledge his error.

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claims of New York to be the chief medical school of

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acteristic this cicatrix is found to open ulcerate and

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the chronic catarrhal But direct irritation from foreign

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borne with less danger than those of other peritoneal

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cases in which it had been used. For this and for other

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mastered their contents he began to practice writing

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plaster from the inside of the thigh and also a short

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filthy habits of the women who supply the hair to the

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city has a very mournful aspect and business is almost

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complicated and the more important parts are easily

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It is most common about the age of fifty. Of 163 cases

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hairs. Wings densely scaled with characteristic broad

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Tisit to the Queen of the West as agreeable as we hope

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ceded that wells and reservoirs of drinking water were

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