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Dr. William James Morton in his paper on this subject
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ering of the exposed mucous surface with skin aim at
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nuses and their effect must be as a rule a loosening
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culosis of the iris there should be no intervention as the trau
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whilst the surgeon wields his knife and then restores
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tal has successfully demonstrated its increasing useful
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This is a remarkable instance in general surgery and
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In the case of some of the neuroses of nasal origin we
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have to inject the antitoxin early in the disease for its
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some hesitation proposes to describe makes use of the
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usual resection with its frequent relapses dangers of infec
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in a young woman which presents some peculiar features. The
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from the other. Malarial fever can be eliminated by the use
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side of such cases. Dr. Fairbrother questioning the advisability
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quirements as these would be if applied to the regulation of
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forceps. 7. Retract the skin and superficial fat on one side
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coffee and one 5 for selling oleomargarin without a label.
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ticed in The Journal. In Freudenthal s patient the discharge
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believe that in these advanced cases the less done the better.
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Journal of March 24 says there is no news of any exist
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As to the question raised by Dr. Eskridge in regard to neur
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ing any and every kind of duty which was materially essential
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should be provided in schools for each pupil. S. Name some
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faintlv T reaction that is seen in normal tissue. The
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peristalsis to take place in the intestine after removal
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utmost degree of civility and cleanliness. The hotel
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The annual report of St. Michael s Day Nursery and Hos
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Case of Bullet Wouud of the Spinal Cord. Joseph Sailer.
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not usually dangerous to life. The cause must be removed if
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is a clean ether while one having a specific gravity of.728
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the above mentioned conditions and from a therapeutic stand
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