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their tenacious adherence to every petty shred of private
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not a httle to say during the past thirty-five years. I was driven
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local pain and tenderness on pressure, all indicated sup-
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effused blood is situated near or around the hair-bulbs, and forms small
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It has been said, and said truly, that the practice of medicine is
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tained that cough had existed since the preceding August. His aspect
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Scott M. Killmer, MD; and James P. Boland, MD - Management of
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bronchial mucous membrane, particularly if the clinical course is char-
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only seven acres of land attached, and is bounded on all
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of action of the constant current in neuralgia and other neuroses, as
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pneumonia by lowering the general bodily resistance.
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begins at or near the fundus (where the blood-supply is poorest) and
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and of the great importance to the patient, who in the greater number
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In this second case of Anstie' s the remarkable neurotic
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Washington, in time to anticipate his letter of declina-
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and sometimes a bloody diarrhea developed. Sublamin was
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state she placed her eight months' old infant to her
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absolutely associated with the progressive renal lesions of Bright' s disease.
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Ajyril Isf. Disease progressing; complains of pain and tenderness in right
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employ it in acute suffocative bronchitis; by MM. Trastour and
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The following Courses of Lectures on Medical and Surgical
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siderable amount of glycocol shows a similar absolute decrease, but the level
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Treatment of Neurasthenia,— Rest is the sheet anchor
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terrible days of the Eevolution ; but those who could look on death
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of education and a means of health communication between various
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lost sixty pounds in weight. The rectoscope showed numerous
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removed from the Cimetiere des Innocens in Paris ; and the accidents that
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initiation to the auriculoventricular node. It seems to us that these
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turbance in vision. Improvement in vision immediately
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and Symptoms). By Nestor I. C. Tirard, M.D., F.R.C.P., Pro-
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the instruments to the consideration of the Society, that the subject of the treat-
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to relieve the pinching, but not through to the quick, and for a
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range, and cannot be empjoyed as treatment for the in-


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