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mooted points can be settled within this hall, so far as the

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large amounts of indican in the urine. This was often

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The symptoms date from the commencement of failure of compensation

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Treatment. — Because of the passage of the undigested food into the

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decided opinion can yet be given on this point, since there are no suffi-

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Faciug the Title-page is found a very fine Colored Lithograph Plate

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cohol, loosens the scales, and the admisturc of liquid of Macassar-oil lo

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tent direction of the faculty to pursue certain chosen studies

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been intimated, too, that this essential factor is effective

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Kay Shuttleworth, in his work . on Asphyxia, and later, Mr.


It is quite fashionable to apply caustics to the uterus, and the dead-

reddit active self protection

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to lessening resort of patients to other lands in search of health.

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of the ' Digital Divulsion of the Pyloric and CEsophageal

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the hospital. The new cicatrix was put to the test by

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Melanolestes morio Erichson 1848. Found in Guiana and Mexico and

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ful influences of a slight character lead to glucosuria e saccharo,

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had suffered to a nmch less extent than the ' boys ' and ' infants,' and.

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patient is unable to move his lower jaw, which may be somewhat atrophied

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W. B. Atkinson, salary and expense acct., Atlantic City. 138. OA

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correct dietetic, physical, or medical treatments ad-

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regularly ; he left her, promising to return in three

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towards recovery. When a diseased cavity, previously opaque, again

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pharynx from scrofulous lesions, but in extreme cases the diagnosis is usually

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either isolated or attached to the tubes. The varicosities of the' tubes also could


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