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connective tissue between scarlatina and croupal inflam
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posed and power ffiven by the patient to do whatever
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lasted and a teaspoonful after each meal for five days
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tity of food was ejected. The frequency of gastrotomy
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any kind the enterprise was completed a few days ago
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as they call for interference. Extirpation of such a tu
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and keeping it in position till the carrier is cold.
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general during the progress of an acute abscess tnat
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changed when the screw gives place to an equivalent in
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demonstrations and the other for diseases of tne sMn
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number of supposed sufferers which is not only utterly
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Uirou h the quadratus lumborum just above the crest of
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the level of the top of the box. The box is covered
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diameter of a corpuscle containing the parasite is slightly
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feet of small intestine strangulated through an opening
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quently increased on percussion in every direction
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but was awake often. Feels weaker than yesterday so
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Dr. Polli does not state that they will prove available
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the anterior wall of the vagina the vesico vaginal sep
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In operating fbr the removal of this difficulty enlarg
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fixing this with gummed paper or they can be mounted
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the borders of the Mediterranean to Scandinavia. It is
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by the removal of this necrosed tissue and he will soon
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are made available and the parts exposed sufficiently
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consisted of a gunshot wound of the hearty taken from
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yet I do not believe that they are free altogether from
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the effects of vapor of phospnorus. In this case which
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of the specimen he was enabled positively to decide
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intermit tingly every fifteen minutes over the dressings
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He will take his measurements of the limb comparing
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vital tissues less vital deposits lees vital plasma and of
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admit of qualification since chloroform has produced


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