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The splint is used in preference to confinement with

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chronic ophthalmia or in atrophy of the bulb. Gbiesin

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with the haemamcebidae of mammals and birds but are

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to admission in lifting a bucket of water he felt some

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organisms. Reproduction is by fission. Resistant forms

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and Queen s College of Physicians which has a kind of

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If the muscles overcome resistance they are not ex

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as an injection into the larynx and trachea in croup

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easily distinguishable fi om it bv the superficial charac

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music the effect of which as it was described by the

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deposited in shallow puddles at the end of a wet season

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to the time of Duhamel I will say nothing with refer

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firom the arch of the aorta down and the trachea rested

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the chloroform and materially diminishes the chances

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