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tins and any artificial receptacle that will hold water are
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see what el the state could be. At the close of the
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whole it must be admitted that the general tenor of
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in any degree dependent on the oxidation of muscular
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deal with epidemic and infectious di icases. I am happy
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factory results. One of these was a boy about sixteen
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against along with the other accomplices for having
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the purposes of such a volume. For the faithful and ac
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As the tube of the instrument approaches the seat of
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tinct from the alimentary canal. The sexes are distinct.
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of the laryngoscope and the history of ns discovery.
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who devote themselves to the specialty of venereal dis
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operation my house surgeon Dr. Phelps and myself saw
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treatment save that of ligation of the subclavian. The
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probably ere this been served but 1 hope if such be the
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of urine cannot occur. 6th. The prostate not having
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urge its use in pure diphtheria as a remedy of far greater
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fortify the system to prepare it against the a i aults of
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for removing the entire joint. He was of the opinion
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of the hand and then compressed by closing the hand
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Ttbatmbnt of Fractures of the Loweb Extremity by the
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serves as the definitive host of Proteosoina of birds.
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failed to produce this result This however is merely
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through the conjunctiva no disfigurement results and
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pyemia may follow. 8th. It is not improbable that the
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Tetrads. Others divide in three directions at right angles
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by the sharpness of their outline. An oscillatory or
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The child afterward did well and had no difficulty in
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propriate vascular glands that act by driving the blood
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milk on Saturday morning she called on Mrs. Arnold
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so in the muscular fibre there is also a similar destruc
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produced. Here you see nearly the whole of the tibia
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side the distance is two inches and a quarter. Between
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servation have led Dr. W. to lay great stress on its value
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above the edges of the blades and on a plane slightly
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tative men of other countries and their indisposition
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ical treatment capable of combating the disease both
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Indianola Texas and taking other town amp on its way
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the people that can in any sense be called invsJids I


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