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narily encountered by the apprentice technician, have been given

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Differential diagnosis. — Multiple cysts of the skin due to cystkerci, and

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condition of the afferent portions of the nerve-centres accounts for the

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simple acts with difficulty. The body may be inert, or swing automatic-

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1867, are essentially examples of circumscribed sclerodermia.

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individual who represents the power of the State — commonly the chief

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tered herself she should never awaken from her sleep. In

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kind, and have been led to associate the symptom with chronic con-

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involuntarily utter certain sounds or words or execute certain move-

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enlarge. A syphilide will be found on the skin, and this may first reveal

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they have long periods of complete freedom, broken only by the

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Isolated papules are among the less common lesions, they often change

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In epilepsy women exceed men up to the age of 30 ; afterwards it is the

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Bites of Mosquitoes, Ind. Med. Gaz. vol. xxxiv. 1899, pp. 1-3 ; Brit. Med. Jour. July 1,

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anatomy. He regarded the characteristic vesicles as dilatations of the

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ployed, the operator must be careful to leave no nee void tissue behind, or

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was this, the father of medicine. If he is to be numbered

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the headache invariably follows ; or the patient wakes in the morning

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are met with in such patients. After the convulsions or coma of late

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With regard to age it is distinctly more common in the young, con-

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modes of treatment are in vogue for capillary naevi : —

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but have not been successful ; it is probable that coccidia can be in-

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to a visual image of persons or places seen, or to a motor or kinaesthetic

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potash are generally useful. Lemon or lime juice in barley-water

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Taking several large series of cases a rash has been found to occur in from

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lies. They find the cause of their repeated dismissal from employments,

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present Appendix seems more than justifiable. — Ed.]

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which the crisis seemed at hand. The doctor decided to re-

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features remain childish, often accompanied with an infantile voice ;

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change begins in isolated foci deep in the eorium, about the level of the

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Uniformity gives place to rhythmical liberation. It is possible that in

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body, produces the lesions on the skin ; but both he and Wolff seem to

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of a small wart from the foot or hand, thought far too slightly of by

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Dr. "Woods, of the Hoxton House Asylum, in 1897, reported the

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current met with in tetany. It consists in a more ready response with the

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also be used. Where much itching occurs, carbolic acid or an alcoholic

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faculty of inspiring his pupils with love, confidence, and

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