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'This theory is, of course, little more than an official tradi-
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accommodation. Near to it is Rothbury, a delightful place
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the periphery of the retina, how much more disastrous and acute
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tioD, the managers procured a site which they thought eligible
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are very commonly due to constitutional or hereditary tendencies.
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the eyeballs, are distinctive of intestinal fermentation. In some cases
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tions as the saliva, and still more in the nasal passages. From their
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The subject of gout introduced us to the wide subject of metabolism.
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acid being set free, but not nearly so rapidly as ethyl nitrite.
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What irregularities have you come across ? — I see whether
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patients becoming feverish along with symptoms of general debility.
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of ten days previously without reducing the fever. The treatment was
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subjective symptoms. In one case after four years of Rontgen treat-
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it lasts over two years. It must also hold some important relation to
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base of the brain involve the organs of the special senses. In my
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ment. She was delivered of a stillborn male child, the body
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Thus, it has been foimd in the gall-bladder, in abscesses in the limbs,
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method the reader is referred to Frankel and Goldschneider's books on
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entrusted to persons appointed for that purpose, who should
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pulse more rapid and feeble, the tongue dry, and the abdomen dis-
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diseases (equal to an annual rate of 2.2 per 1,000), of which 6 resulted
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usually starts on the forehead, and then spreads to the abdomen and
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to publish his cases, giving with precision the ages and
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this artificial opening, using simple saline, to which I woiild add
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should always be of serious import, is a sudden rise in temperature, for
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cakes made by compressing the greenisli-yellow powder made from the
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there was any desire on the part of those who would support
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account of others, on certain eflTects which would arise from
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vacancies on the Council of the College. The fourth member
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