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of deaths on the blockade during the rebellion propor

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sympathetic irritation is provoked followed b heolie

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and he left again shortly. He was soon sent for hur

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subject until he had written upon it. The oft cited

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valuable time in deciphering and then not unfrequently

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of ancient date has been especially vigorous since 1830

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the articulation firom which there was a good deal of

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In a work of this kind it is not necessary to consider

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therein or by counselling and procuring the same un

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or blades of t e third division unfold and steculy the

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to visit a place so remote from the larger medical centres

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good health get rid of the soroiulous affection of the

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clamp. Fair sections of firm tissues can sometimes be

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Acute inflammation of the psoas magnus muscle is a very

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resulting fi om a contraction of the glottis. It most fre

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into the intestines is considered favorable but in psoitis

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m ln has made a similar examination of a solution of

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vations that shall be made by future experimenters

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In consideration of the verboseness of transactions of

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the President s Inaugural offered the following which

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in chap. 22 1 quoted in the address should be stricken

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solation concerning the period of study by the Con

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fly have elongated piercing probosces and are blood

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or three weeks but others as the parts of the central

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small proportion in his daily rounds bad much better

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told to day that once or twice before she has had fever

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The two cribs now in position have withstood the un

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exposure. Others became thus inf lt cted in a day or

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davicalar articnlatioiL The tamor gradually increased

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visibly altered according to the weight of the cerebral

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patient had great respiratory oppression but no pneu

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bottle containing the specimen which has been passed

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The following named gentlemen were re elected offi

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her general condition did not improve she was induced


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