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more parts and sometimes into as many as fifty or one
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air regenerable in it multiplicable in it and zymotic in
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larvae live in the earth and in decaying wood sand
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the effluvia om the decomposing discharges. Statis
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commission of the most atrocious of all crimes should
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ioining a rational order of study. This we have now
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condemnatory resolutions introduced before the Ameri
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ter be a little bulbou. The plan which I prefer is to have
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good rule to adopt and so far as he had considered the
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in front of the eye while in P. irritans it is situated below
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cause. The dangers incidental to the process of train
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mouth hooks. The puparium may be oval or flattened.
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did not register its firat death from cholera until the
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says that he has very often succeeded in cutting short


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