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called upon to operate but recognizing the concomit
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It is this direction of these braces of support to the
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had exsected a week before from the arm of the daugh
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one fifth of the solid parts or five percent of the whole
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objection he makes is the tendency to a V gaping of
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He recognized the principle that the vagina was the
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seyen boluses of ipecac consisting of ten grains each tak
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these things a very potent influence is exercised by
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from the forehead and transplanted it to the nose. It
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from a prolonged slumber having no recollection of the
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ties and applied prussic acid of the same strength as in
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violent efforts coughed up two pieces of false membrane
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be separated from the others marked and its sale pre
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fh gt m great nervous excitement and prostration the
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quietude and made me desirous to prevent if possible
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tices of correlative scientific subjects and of a month
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ligfat and leA. leg is more natural She can walk about
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sponding to the external ori6ce of the suborbital canal
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ever to put a ligature on the subclavian in the fit st part
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to the mandibles and maxillae and from these arise the
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produced by a too great abuse of the pleasures of love
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the caudal bursa of the male the supporting rib bifurcates
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shape better than I can explain. Figure 1 represents a
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M. Rollet recommends the extension of this surveillance
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that an early opening should be made to evacuate the
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laterally and folded completely over the mouth or thrown
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in strength from five to twenty grains to the ounce of
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the longest and broadest. This segment is marked by a
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raph extending from the posterior fourchette to the
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cbachirge of matter through one of the bites and subse
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It was of a dark color with an oder of chloroform and
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that these and simil names fairly represent the giants
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of its tissue which as regards function cannot be consi
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which did not belong to the ward and should be elimin
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oiadder was not at its extremity but about three quar
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that cases operated upon in that manner were ordin


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