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granulations which have been described. Inflammation of the adjacent
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requiring instrumental examination by a dentist, are not mentioned
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cream which contains 14 per cent butter fat is a new product not
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experience, and a privilege to be associated with men whose wholehearted effort is to adjust
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of the lung with classical physical signs and radiographic findings.
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ing its two years' existence the National Committee
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one side at a time, and tucked under the opposite side. Some blankets or
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rally primary peripheral thrombosis, secondary cardiac implication, and tertiary
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nothing beyond the union of the College of Surgeons and the
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Lastly, I beg to appeal for funds in aid of this Charitable Dis-
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it should be rapidly induced ; and, for this end, inunction may be added
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characterized by a uniformly dark red airless condition. The affected lobes are
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Diphtheria or influenza may affect the nucleus, either alone or simul-
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and exhaling an odour such as scrofulous secretions only are
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hospitals where brain specialists are to be found. It is dif-
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changes met with after death in the optic nerves, chiasma, and tracts are
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a matter of habit, and a good deal may be done by most smokers to control
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0.5 saturated alcoholic (methyl) solution of eosin. The stain

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