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address himself to the cesarean operation he should se

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ney in the museum of Charity Hospital at least one in

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must always throw a certain degree of doubt upon all

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The diarrhoea in contact with other organic matter

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vation has led me to conjecture that as a rule men of

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agar agar in sufficient proportion for the solution to set

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ally will not permit the delay of sending and wailing

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formation or knowledge may be obtained for the pur

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nection with strictures should immediately be freely

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are employed by some surgeons for the purpose of seiz

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to suppose that their trickeries are not transparent

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period of dentition is about the eighteenth month and

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For the examination of blood for trypanosomes films

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artificial respiration and there is hope of recovery as

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but false as being in direct opposition to facts published

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owed by acetate of potash. He also speaks favorably

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JResolved That hereafter the Committee of Arrangement

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it may also be found in the intestinal walls and even in

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the water and the salt and Bovril. The Bovril can be

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tity of olood was found in the right pleural sac and

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vet unable to draw conclusions since the data are too

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urge further reforms. Report received and Committee

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only three the first third and fifth fourth and sixth

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thoracic lobes have dense tufts of large black scales

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paper. This measure would delay the contamination of

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stration of protozoa in tissues. With carbol thionin

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by restrictions which call for the assistance of medical


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