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sion of more or less flattened or spherical bodies at
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Sodety to the next session of the State Society to use
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superficially. Thus a sebaceous tumor of the scalp can
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ten grains to the drachm produced complete dilatation
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Several snrgical writers have spoken of this central
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outspread in a thin layer and without difficulty separ
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at least so that portability of such germs may almost
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numerous fine or coarse colonies which remain discrete
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and thrust home and upon withdrawing it it was found
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however to favor the latter. Even if uterine I con
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passed through a series of animals the virulence may
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It is closely connected on one hand with the Muscida
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most dependent portion of the tumor showed it to be
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pelvis the greater theohanoe will be of tilting the firag
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rapidly that in a few hours millions upon milHons are
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with the original one in elegance and exactness. Pro
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This variation in the number of spores is one of the
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Academy of Sciences that sulphate of soda which has
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as the material instrument of the mind it of course is
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red are present in the protoplasm. At one end is a clear
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the mitnl valve. It also possesses a peculiar vibratory
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production of this disease. A child between two and
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punctured in several places and the blood allowed to
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riages to smoke a cigar with any neighbor or acqusun
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The description of the healthy structure of the kid
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Sanitary Superintendent issues his official order for the
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various authorities. The writer s experience leacla
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purely anatomic namely that all sensitive fibres pro
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to permit any man to judge for himself as to who was
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verted into exquisite stars of crystals by the addition
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about as much scientific enthusiasm as do the Patricks
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to be of importance from the medical point of view.
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plasters in this case any more than in a case of complete


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