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ately adopt some effectual method of ascertaining the

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fever in 1853 gradually increased from the week ending

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into the urethra of limited dimensions and whether the

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vations that shall be made by future experimenters

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should bet saved a tentative treatment partly for the

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I used the screw as indicated. On September 8th per

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which indeed was so general that the compact tissue

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then the diagnosis may be very difl amp cult indeed. Under

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morning the severe headache and the intense feeling

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humbly recognizing the limitations of all knowledge he

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by them are thrown into contraction as if the muscles

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ish the intensity of the pain. I at once expressed the

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water bath as if dried it does not dissolve in water.

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pedicle while the line of superficial union completely

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safe and the passengers with their effects landed and go

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the mitral and aortic valves there being besides a slight

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and an infirmity which before was as a rule incurable.

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removal of such foreign matenal will often be followed

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affection with but few and slight casualties. In one

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that nfecetnty and not choice had compelled the female

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of these the effect of oxygen is of special practical value.

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regard to the general indications that call for electriza

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WiSaxm came on which lasted half a second the ohild

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The Gazette Hehdomadaire quotes a case of a mistake

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the extent of the disease. The mass appeared ovoid had

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for future study and reference spedmens preserved for

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appear and the fits of suffocation take place only when

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cure by this a nt are recorded. The dose was a fluid

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All the phases of benign tertian and quartan can be

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tions for abortions m the proper understanding of the

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facts but if we take the record of biography from the

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was then given in doses of four ouncts every fifteen

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broiderer aged thirty four years presented herself at

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