Citalopram And Lexapro

I fhall confider Bmifes in three lights ; firft, with

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In melaena the blood may come from the stomach and duodenum,

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replacing this metal by some substitute such as iron or by glass-lined lead

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hide-bound, and runs at the nofe ; if abfceffes are

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ation, headache, etc. Most often, of course, the individual who appears

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specialties have not only been organized in the medical depart-

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sweating suggests absorption of toxines from the alimentary canal. While

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and stoppage, but the contractility and conductivity over the auriculo-

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The Faculty of Medicine announce that the following Special Graduate

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The tongue at first is moist but white — furred ; latterly dry, angrily red,

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palpable tumours and have probably had very little organic obstruction.

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symptom it is not generally attended with immediate danger and subsides almost

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contains both a and h agglutinins, and that every time this so-called

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matches, and many of those that come from Sweden, there is less risk to

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tozoal embryos; the latter were not described. The dimensions of the

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be turned into the paflures till about the middle of

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During each year graduates attend undergraduate courses of this

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great many — it may be over 200 — are found in the same motion, or in a

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few months, or at longest in from one to two years. The lesion progresses

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pressure thus occasioned, than by violent abstraction of what has been

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and, like most old maxims, it has in it a portion of the truth. It is true that if

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charge of tuberculous matter ; and, second, this discharge contaminates

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apart from those of swallowing, vary to some extent. Pain is present,

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yaw, as these sores are called, is seen to consist of a red, smooth, rather

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kidneys are hypersemic, and the renal tubules contain chalky masses, con-

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complicated matter be introduced to them confusion will l)ecome

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Ibmenred with water as cold as can be procured ; and

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in which the disorder of the organ follows, or is associated with certain

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has persistent jaundice from obstruction of the common duct, or if the

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thirty-three between 50 and 60, in thirty-one between 60 and 80, in twenty-

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is later, appearing towards the end of the second or about the beginning of

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The use of canned foods, too, especially fruits, is a source of plumbism.

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All of them were at firft red and hard. Thediftin<5t


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