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from a solitary ulcer, is better considered in relation to diseases of the
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which come into this group are somewhat ill defined. They are loosely
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possess merit are fully accepted and freely adopted, while if some of these
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exists. In malarious districts, tuberculosis is constantly mistaken for
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slender alimentary tube runs along the entire length of the worm, from the
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Mistakes are most often avoided by those who are most thorough and
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lightly (taking care not to impinge on the skin) with the centre of a cover-
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The jaundice is never very deep ; indeed, Boix says it may be absent. Its
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of testing the Castiecraig herd in 1895 showed that out of forty cattle,
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of the mother, especially if the diet is taken in a number of small meals throughout
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In the rabbit, aggregations of these parasites form whitish tumours, the
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To test the median palmar motor supply the patient should lay
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The conclusion is that the epithelioid cells and the giant cells are

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