Chloramphenicol Oral Dosage

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ficiently good condition to bear operative procedure. S In these
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practicable into eight sections corresponding to the divisions and suitable oflBcers
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first and for days the closest inspection of the fauces and epiglottis reveals
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developed serious side effects early in treatment.
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and in common colic we frequently find the abdominal muscles
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extensive for a six months course is completed in two Winter Sessions.
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lopment of the doctrine of inflammation with particular reference to
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chemical structure of chloramphenicol sodium succinate
older the subject the less plastic the organ forming
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Treatment If of a superficial nature mild solutiona
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contained much sanguineous fluid in the lesser pelvis in
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It is almost completely protected from cold winds. The accommodation
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character ready to granulate and heal over with a good cicatrix
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their own profit than for the health of their patients. Medical sci
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note in regard to the possibility of infection that cases
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Bronchitis or inflammation of the air tubes leading to the lungs rare
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attacked. The changes in these places have already been noted p.
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blood provided it is clean. As to catgut for ligating
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is practically the same and indeed intermittent limp might


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