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only the anterior portion of the dorsum. This arrange
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equivalents and continued elastic extension as here
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destroyed all hope of union by first intention. The
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disease of the base of the brain. In one case there
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little work and profit bv the fiMJts wlbich are presented
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from boiling water b employed as the nebulizing force
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ulation a failure a ring of herpes circinatus made its
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paid to the illumination. The light in the Tropics is not
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Pennsylvania Hospital Fellow of the College of Physi
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Dr. Hibbaeo Objected to departing from the rule of re
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ceeded in simultaneously provoking infarctus in the
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the deeper layers of the epidermis it is scattered not
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tificial respiration was kept up and a strong current of
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with many failures iu cases of rheumatism neuralgia
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But it was conceded that in cities in wnich there was
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there by a strip of adhesive plaster firmly applied in a


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