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their occurrence. In this regard, however, the differences in the clinical
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Walter Wile Hamburger, S.M., M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine.
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sibly, it is not every kind of metal which will proye effective, nor will the same
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^eos are not as tolerable as'^thos^on o;;'r"a;ts'o?^hrbo]r'"" " '"'^ '''''''
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small hemorrhages and partly upon degenerative changes in the medulla.
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tion of the sensory disturbances and the paralyses localized in the sciatic region,
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movement, a new dexterity, however, takes place in precisely the same way.
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However, with the aid of our present knowledge concerning the course
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sometimes the greater increase is in the antero-posterior diameter, making the
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or they present a reticular hypertrophy. The hydrocephalic fluid usually has
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logical specimens are exhibited. Surgical instruments and appliances of all kinda
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and then there follow a series of further morbid symptoms which are often
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certificate as to general education, mentioned above, must be given by
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ingestion of new supplies of fat. To accomplish this purpose we possess only
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Fig. 115. — (From Edixger.) Diagram of a transverse section of the spinal cord with especial
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Director of Admissions, The University of Chicago, Cobb Lecture Hall, Room 105, for
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passed at the University of Edinburgh. Another year must be passed
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line drawn with a stick on the skin. In this way we can also determine
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Continue through Part A ^ Part B of- Table II and check youl shipiuent
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ance of the skin is remarkably low in patients with exophthalmic goiter.
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and of having passed equivalent examinations in technical institu-
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saifcDxe; and (5) to i^ye the dedTation and definition of Sng^ wt^EOS in oommnn nse."
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(60 to 80 or 100 c.c.) of the solution are injected rather quickly and under
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the winter session. Subjects of examination : Anatomy, Physiology,
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tomical examination " ; but these statements usually refer only to the spinal
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cleaned and all rind rot, spld, and dama^d areas r«ne<e?d. Jha'ch«i$e is*t*Hm cut •
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and for review and discussion of important new literature.
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completed, will oontribnte largely to the comfort and accommodation of
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Other forms of student service are: (a) messenger service at the Information Office,
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ourselves lately met with a patient who presented total bilateral ophthalmo-
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Bodies — The UniTersiiy of London ; Matriculation ; Scholarships,
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In this form a type of disease develops comparatively slowly, which may closely
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a relatively high color index, the presence of megalocytes; furthermore, and
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Lohme. Gohren, etc.), Doberan und Heiligendamm, Warnemiinde, Trave-
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Practical Anatomy (senior). Harvey Prize: Subject: Practical Physio-
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persist after the obsession has disappeared. These movements are coordinated
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health resorts. The waters of Carlsbad and Vichy have gained the greatest
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