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mitted to all professional meetings such as medical

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in his own person and has never since failed in his

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presented several specimens of the distoma bepatica

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of years without any tendency to ulceration or lympha

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take place within a certain time limit and a control made

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dry weather others in three or four months but some

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leffl elevated than that of most other acute diseases and

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of 6 and 8 o clock ajl lliere was but one plaoenta

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are usually widely scattered and without the repeated

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other bones in the body were found in a healthy state

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inclined to keep secret. He even expresses the beHef

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points are approached. The limit of elasticity at the

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wards the hypertrophied cervical ganglia may afanoet

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Amussat s operation an arSficial anus is established.

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family medicines and perhaps otherwise transgiess their

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Dr. Dering he offered the following preamble and re

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authority vfas Neison. In regard to the ratio of deaths

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we usually make at least a few trials on most of the

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Sands in regard to the microscopical character of the

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with the nervous elements. Twenty four minutes after

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Leone. In those filaria in which we are at present more

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tkm it abo occurs in many displacements of the uterus

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than dna and ointments for many cutaneous diseases.

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two centimetres but the bones were so soft that the

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flatness of the percussion sound as we pass towards the

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these cases in proof of which several cases have been

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Oould women be induced to see the true line of duty

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Ifae same committee be authorized to call another con

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The instrument has also the advantage that with its use

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not the less he contagious say small pox for example.

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being an sctive business man ne had enjoyed remark

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