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specimen first in dilute spirit i to 3 of water for a few

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only about half the size of those in the smears made

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it has again increased rapidly. He has had a numbing

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capsule or of the crystalline lens alone or of its capsule

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cases are dependent on lead poisoning. Oi forty two

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dilated sufiBlciently to introduce a pair of forceps and

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tropical places ranges from 75 upwards and organisms

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Dr. Hibbaeo Objected to departing from the rule of re

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crypt or follicle in a state of hypertrophy in consequence

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paid in investigating the conveyance of parasites acquired

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minal segment and the chitinous covering peeled off.

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two centimetres but the bones were so soft that the

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pearance of having passed through great excitement

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from both artery and vein. It was held in position by

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and 950 cases and 501 deaths out of a mean strength

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The projection marking the genital cloaca into which

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thing is nervous impairment. Cerebral vitiation self

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Cover glasses are best sent out in oil or covered with

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tions in which it soothes the itching and also for sore

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of incomplete luxation. The trochlea coronoid depres

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was small and the blood squeezed out of it as a sponge.

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any agency of the pedicle in either instance. These

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specimens can be kept in 60 per cent absolute alcohol.

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