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combination between some poison and a protoplasmic or nuclear con-

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mother are much lessened. For these reasons I advocate forceps

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to leave at least a half or three-quarters of an inch

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There will be two addresses delivered before the congress each day.

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The special senses may be temporarily perverted or their functions in abey-

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more and more localized in the right inguinal region.

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monographs upon subjects in the following general departments :

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certain, for it has no effect on the lueruoprotozoa

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rhinoscleroma by Frisch in 1882, and cultivated by Paltauf. It appears

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commonly short-lived, lasting perhaps but a few seconds, minutes, or hours,

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from his physiognomical work. The inaccuracy of their ac-

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Autopsy No. 2015 (Dr. MacCallum). Aitatomical Diagnosis. Chronic

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Guinea Pig 88 B. — Duplicate of No. 88 A. This animal showed a slight rise

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of an internal tumour is sometimes the fact that the patient becomes

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had advanced to the chin, and at the same time, upon the removal of

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cause of the woman's dyspnoea. Passage of the rectal tube and the

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Professor Behring, alter all, may have unintentionally rendered us

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great and comprehensive work on this disease as evidenced

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revealed necrosis of the entire shaft of the tibia and a

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Eemoval to warm, sheltered sheds ; enemas, to relieve consti-

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toms in any case in this series, which has included

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should a small intermediate vessel be diseased, it is especially

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ceptible than of beef or veal, and as the full-grown animal must

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the extremities, sensitiveness to external cold, shiverings, and an accel-

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Mr. Cu^enven, in the paper now before us, which was read

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William Davies, I.IaniHinnaint, C.aermarthen ; Charles Henry Fumivall.

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Diagnosis of Tubekcle of the Uterus. — The diagnosis of

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knows any thing about bacteriology is aware that it possesses no antiseptic power

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fuse, and involuntary for some days, and subsided in a week. A copious excretion

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severe cross-examination, jDatient admits having had a chancre fifteen years

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ness, and firm pressure with the hands, or lying upon the belly, affords relief;

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