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dae probably to the acid and irritating property of the
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living conditions. It is noteworthy that most of the
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der twice a week and occasional vapor baths. For the
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facts. A new interest is now manifested in the study
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Hospital publishes Lancet a case of the above which
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had no considerable sickness that had attracted his at
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Medical attendance was called in and every attention
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tube has been worn for a period of nearly nine months.
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Surgical Diseases of Women at the next annual meet
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is grave and active measures are urgently required. The
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position. It is a solid looking chitinous structure ovoid
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It was decided that the patient should have his body
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The form of a tumor varies in different cases in some
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pains in front part of head accompanied by a feeling of
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the slightest apparent effect He drank half a lass of
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Ripe fruit such as apples dates and bananas serves as
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and the tributary ducts opening intO it are the diseased
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are related from the hospital case book illustrating


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