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hand to direct them must yield to the greater urgency

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Urinary System. — The urine at first is scanty, although

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which there is no decided opinion in all instances. This opinion,

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and either the skull or the vertebral column ; the starting-point

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ment) should be resumed in large doses. Accordingly sixty grains of qui-

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grown long, and his skin so entirely filled with the dust of charcoal, as to

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abundant evidence to him of an increasing'difficulty in the in-

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result of his investigations, but ^' sous ioutes reserves/^ Mean

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t may happen that death will occur with such rapidity as to render it

precio capoten 50 mg

instances which have occurred in my practice (not fewer thitii.

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most frequent appreciable cause of laryngeal phthisis is pul-

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Numerous illustrations were shown by the author, in

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tion, and the cough and expectoration did not disappear.

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within late years, a mooted question. They present points of contrast


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