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mittee of the General Medical Council p. 15 the average time
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catgut. This throws two or more inches of the round ligament
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brought on them by the distinction of a grade change.
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tion due to sudden condensation of air in the external
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secutive complication as at the humero scapula articula
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tomy had been made transperitoneally. A large hernia
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touch. It thus becomes possible to make more thorough
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and inco ordinated contractions of the sphincter may be due to
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Differences in the degree of curvature possessed by
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weeks then twice a day for another month is to be recom
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Waring s late work it is passed over also in Helferich s
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on alkaline treatment for solutiou of the stone subsequently re
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said College for its regulation and bettor government.
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mended to the large army yearly traveling for the bencGt of their
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are nearly equidistant from one another and are located along
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American Dermatological Association Washington D. C
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from the pathology of the condition urea is most apt to
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though she insisted it was inflammatory rheumatism. On Oc
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he could from 10 to 50. Seventeen of the non paying pa
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Colonial Indian or Foreign Student not registered by the General Medical Council
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difficult or easy. Palsy which seems to follow it is not of
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a New Apparatus for Cases of Fracture Below the Knee.
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cal asepsis is impossible in the field or in field hospitals and
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l ressed me as different from an ordinary tic douloureux.
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mark they would have been excluded from medical literature
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last session of the British Medical Association. Com
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this disease be not vitiated by rashness and ill considered
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there may be produced a paresis of their walls as Hal
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he had operated on the patient about nine months previously
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the effusion the joint is aspirated to determine the character
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for much trouble. He advises medium mixed woolen and cot
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This operation was radical to an extent that no opera
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cripple him that he will not be able to get results satisfactory
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the same advantages of these new methods the earlier
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in purulent streptococcus pleurisy is about the same as normal
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function practically restored to the members by gymnastic
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