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effected without the consent of the Fellows and Members invited

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the cord will abolish the reflex. The persistence of the

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prevented and virus attenuated. From the decisive test of fifty

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Will Peoria treasurer Everett J. Brown Decatur. The semi

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their degrees after July 1 1903. To have this amendment

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lower end of the hair. This little hair papilla which is

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n husband and the father of six children of whom two

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been thrown open to Members bnt it is distinctly the reverse of

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factor which is certainly due to riein or phytalbumose as it

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wounds into open ones by free incision to avoid the dangers of

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employed a marked thickening o.f the epidermis this

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fluid diet indicated in case of dilatation of the stomach as the

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recover from this condition after labor but may pass

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successful co operation of members of the profession in some

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found cystitis in 43 per cent of his operative cases.

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proved to be a struma colloidea on microscopic exam

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The results of these experiments and isolated clinical

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The very best authorities on trade mark law at the present

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stone crushing in his practice which embraced litholapaxy 122

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toms. Later a slight swelling was observed in the left in

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It is self evident that in a given case the occurrence

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character of the work done at the institute Dr Peter M

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body possess a certain reserve of organized material

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II. A Member of the College is admissible to the second Professional Examination

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asphyxiated child. An hour later the one year tube was

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have attained at the time of such appointment the standing of Fifteen

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intensity of the morbid process and the quality and the extent

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children all in one room the growing persons working

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The library of the Maryland Medical and Chirurgical Fac

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a means of diagnosis just as it is in cattle. Since operative

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Pappenheim. A. Befund von Smegmabaclllen im menschlichen

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vomiting such convulsions as are found in general paralysis.

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lesion was found at the post mortem another one in which an

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is logical frank honorable and incisive. It includes the history

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glandular masses removed from the neck by Dr. Abbe

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ceived the cut three hours before and nothing had been

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are also valuable. An atonic condition of the abdominal

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