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life. The cadaveric rigidity of muscles is precisely the
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casion of deep troubles in the life of the patient.
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think I can very confidently recommend it to the gen
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re written occupying three or four times the space that
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ceive as muen attention in the management of disease as
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Springs which often arise on the slopes of hills are other
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for several days but without much relief. He soon came
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small silver tubes each having a shoulder near one end
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is very often the case in the use of both splint and
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introduced with so much success by the late Dr. Horaoe
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laid before the Paris Apaderay of Science a paper on
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extensively known. If we were mistaken let ns add our
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manufacturing the words advertising or selling quack
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ble. The variety of fact that he has collated are indeed
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volume before us. It is indeed something more than a
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transverse markings are often seen in this and are indi
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for half a minute or more and this should be repeated
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between the two slides is acute the film left behind will
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for coffee which he seemed to relish. It now occurred
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so efficacious may be perfectly willing to inhale the
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year. The mortality was at the rate of 26.5 per 1 000
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Pern are compelled to attend any one who may call on
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sessors of this publication as to some of the more im
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glass and a series of dilutions as hanging drops made.
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ville Ky. in the course of certain investigations has
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from the side of the bladder in the venniform process
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to control the heart s action. The physician had ex
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would lead to the suspicion 4 gt f any serious trouble.
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cuill been called of late. It consists in comparing e
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essentially tubercular in its origin. And Thirdly That
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