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however accomplished good for it has laid the foundation for
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Whether since 22nd of July 1876 he has employed Advertisements or public
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mother b back to the left and rotated posteriorly to
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a difficult and tedious and possibly an instrumental delivery.
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painted over with a thin coat of flexible collodion. After this
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cause for such protest at the present time and consequently the
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shall do or not do certain things. It considers man a free
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ations with no permanent cure in any case. One only
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ness there is slight or moderate afternoon fever which
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advance of the science of medicine are to a great extent finan
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leptics in London and gives a report of 300 eases in which he
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As regards surgical methods asepsis and antisepsis have been
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Japan Formosa January 1 to Februaiy 28 97 cases 78 deaths.
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active by doses of guaiacum and an occasional mild liver pill
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The Council approved and adopted the following Eeport from
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and treatment. In mild cases the symptoms recede or become
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into the growth the patient usually being under general anes
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a column oftch week devoted to a summary of the leading
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Dr. Edgar C. Barnes Ripon has been promoted from the
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Besides this there were 16 patients who agreed to pay but
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Jacobi has recorded the case of a hysterical fireman in
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tion of anastomosis high magnification. On the left of the field the
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tory capacity. He describes and illustrates the one he thinks
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particularly from enlargement and engorgement of the
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own experiments and not to proclaim the discovery until all
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lacerated wounds in which moist antiseptic dressings should
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are present. Thej are situated sometimes close to small nerve
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before the numerous examining boards in comparison with
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saged which strengthens the musculature and stimulates peri
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knowing the general nature is a step toward a better under
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perfectly comfortable but it is somewhat reduced in size.
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hut it does make a difference to the new beginner italics
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plain view into the charity wards. One can imagine many
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and when these are directed toward assisting the vis
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me 50 per cent of all fees. These same specialists have given
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of this Examination conducted at a University in the
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lesion of the occipital lobe. It must be differentiated from the
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July 1886 is generally disapproved and that the fact that the
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symptoms appeared such as are observed in cases of fat embol
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